Check Read My Emails On Yahoo! Account

If you wish to know that how to check if someone read or opened the email sent by you on Yahoo Mail, unfortunately, Yahoo does not provide any such feature which can notify you about read/return receipt. However, if you send an email from your Yahoo Mail account and didn’t receive a failed delivery email, this means that the email was delivered successfully to the recipient’s email system.

In order to confirm whether or not the recipient has received and/or read an important email sent by you, it is recommended to simply ask them to confirm the receipt of your message by sending you a revert for the same.

Moreover, in case you are receiving read/return receipts in your Yahoo Mail account for some emails sent by you, they may be originating from:

•             An external email client

•             A mobile device

•             The recipient’s Internet Service Provider

On the other hand, if you wish to check if an unauthorized person read your emails in your Yahoo Mail account, it is suggested to check your account for any changes in your account which you haven’t done easily check it through Yahoo! Mail Technical Support Helpline Phone Number and also find instant solution.

To know Recent Activity in your Yahoo Mail Account

•             Sign into your Yahoo Mail account.

•             Click on the Gear icon located on the top-right corner of your account’s page.

•             Select Account info option from the drop-down menu.

•             Under Account info page, click on the Recent Activity tab to know about the recent changes made to your account.

Other Signs that can indicate if someone has hacked and read your email messages include:

•             Unread email showing as Read

•             Missing contacts

•             Increase spam activities

•             Spam emails sent from your account.

•             Email missing from folder or emails moved to a different folder.

•             Not receiving expected emails.


In case you notice any such activities in your Yahoo Mail account than easily secure mail account using Yahoo! Mail Technical Experts Service, it is recommended to straightaway change the password for your account. Also, it is best to enable the two-step verification in your Yahoo Mail account to make it more secure against such hacking and intrusion.

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